Can I apply for more than 2 categories?

No, you are only allowed to apply for 2 categories. However, that can be any two categories that you want!

If you’re not sure what to pick, you can have a discussion with us to decide which is the best category to apply for.

On the judging day, if the judges feel that your entry would stand a better chance in another category they will move your application accordingly, and we will let you know.

Can I nominate someone else for a category / award?

Yes, you can! If there is a person, business, or organisation that you would like to nominate for an award, then get in touch with us and we’ll do the rest! You can do this by sending an email of who you’d like to nominate to this address: info@cornwallsustainabilityawards.org

Do I have to register separately per category?

No, you do not need to register separately if you’re applying for two categories.

Where can I view the criteria per category?

You can view this on the Award Categories page or when you ‘Register to Apply’ and fill in your application form.

How do I know if my pictures / video have been successfully uploaded?

You will have a notification that your photos / videos have been successfully uploaded.

How do I know if my application has been successfully uploaded?

You will have a notification that your application has been successfully uploaded.

Can I submit my application by email?

Yes, you can submit your application by email to info@cornwallsustainabilityawards.org If you are unable to submit it online or by email please contact us and we’ll find another method to receive your application.

What happens when I register my interest to apply for an award?

When you register your interest you will receive an email which gives you instructions about how to complete your application.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is the 15th October.

When is the judging day?

The judging day will take place in November.

When is the award ceremony?

The Award Ceremony will take place in the evening of Friday 30th November.

When do I hear if I have been shortlisted for an award?

You will hear by email in mid November if you have been shortlisted for an award.

What happens if I have missing information within my application?

We will contact you when we have checked all the applications if we need more information.

Can I apply again if I’m a previous winner?

You can’t apply in the same category which you previously won in the year following- any further applications to this category will need to demonstrate what you are doing differently.

You are welcome to apply into a different category.

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